…nothing – if you call us!

The mere thought of bugs in your home is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, but actually having bugs in your home that crawl on your skin is even worse.

When we tuck ourselves into bed at night, most of us cuddle up to our pillows and drift off to sleep – goodnight, sleep tight… don’t let the bedbugs bi-OUCH.

They bite

They bite a lot. These tiny little miscreants can wreak havoc on your body given the chance, not to mention being exceptionally creepy (and crawly) at the same time. Having an infestation of bedbugs isn’t just inconvenient, it’s physically and emotionally draining. You’re itchy, you’re tired, and all you want is a decent nights sleep without being eaten alive – and that’s where we come in!

APEX Pest Control can and will remove bedbugs in a flash. On arrival, we’ll conduct a visual inspection to check the severity of and confirm the problem. Following this, APEX will dust the area with a natural product and chemical spray. Traps will also be fitted to the legs of the bed, and we will make personal recommendations dependant on your individual situation. Don’t let bedbugs bug you, call us today for a friendly informative, professional service that won’t leave you sore!