We have a thriving squirrel population here in Vancouver and these fluffy-tailed pests can chew their way into your attic.

How Squirrels Gain Entry Into Your Attic

If there is a small gap, these rodents will enlarge it to gain entry.

There are weak points on some roofs and this is usually where one roof joins another (see examples A & B – how squirrels gain entry into your home). This area may be water tight but not always squirrel/rat proof. On tiled roofs, it is usually on the hips underneath the last hip tile that are the entry points (see example C).

Squirrels will have their young from early spring, on so if you hear something, do not delay in contacting a professional pest control company.

How We Remove Squirrels

Apex Pest Control will inspect the entire roof to find all the entry points, seal all but one with ¼ inch wire mesh and fix a one way door to the last entry point.

Leave the door in place for 7-14 days, for the squirrels to vacate, then remove the door and seal the opening.

Sometimes clients do not call for assistance soon enough.

The squirrel has had young, and at this point; I inform the client it may not be possible to extract the young due to their location. It would be best to leave it for a couple of weeks until the young ones are old enough that when I install a one-way door, they can leave under there own steam.

Footnote to self: Do not get carried away and putting your hand in a hole because the squirrel could be on the inside and will growl much to the amusement of my last client.