…in the interior of your property if you have a rat problem.

grease mark indicating a rat problem

grease mark indicating a rat problem

Recently, I have had a number of rat jobs inside homes where bait has been used.

Upon finding this out, I ask that all the bait be removed and hope the damage has not been done.

Some homeowners have learned somewhere that rats will need water and will go outside or after it dies, will dry up with no smell.

Unfortunately this is not the case; an ill feeling rat will tuck up somewhere warm next to a heat duct or a light fitting.

The smell of a dead rat can last three to five weeks.

The only way to find it is by opening the ceiling or wall and going towards the strongest smell but you may not always be able to get to them.

The way to deal with a rat problem is:

  • Find all the entry points which will be a hole greater than 1/2” and grease marks;
  • Then seal all these entry point except one. On this one, fix a one-way door which lets the rats out but they cannot re-enter.

If I can place snap traps where they are traveling on the inside, then I will. The activity on the inside could last a few days, then I remove the one-way door, seal the opening – end of problem!

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